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Harvest Hours
Friday  Dec 6th
Closing @ 6:00
Saturday Dec 7th Open 7:00- ? 
Sunday Hours TBT

 Please call Reed @ 815-440-2477 or
Jason @ 815-716-3800 with any question


 Average Price Contracts:
For Harvest delivery, Oct - Nov. 2019

April 4th thru July 11th  (15 Weeks)
Avg price for Thu, July 11th was $4.23
Avg price  $3.836

Target Offers: No charge, Working 17+ hrs / day.
They work while you sleep.
Call us to put in your Target Offer,
tell us how many bushels and at what price.

  ~  Plan  ~  Take Action  ~

Be Proactive, Lock in profitability when available
by having target offers in place.




Closing Bids Update:
Cash Bids Updated during CBOT trading hours on 10 min. delay.
Posted bids are based on the 1:15 pm close.
*All bids are subject to change without notice*
Bids are subject to confirmation upon sale

Closing Bids Updated Dec 6th, 4:54 p.m.



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