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Bug and Critter Control

We carry many products to keep the bugs and critters from bugging you and your home.

Here is just a sample of some of them:

Motomco Products:                       
Mole Killer, Mole Trap, Mouse and Rat traps and Rodenticides- Tomcat, Hawk, Jaguar, Agrid3
Fresh Cab: Botanical Rodent Repellent ( Keeps Mice Out)  Great for Autos, Trucks, RVs, Tractors
Ant Glue Traps, Ant Shield ( Insect killer Granules), Terro Ant Killer
Raid Fumigator ( 3 / pkg)
Beetle Bagger ( Japanese Beetle Trap )
Bug Max  Home Pest Control- ready to use spray in 32 oz or 1 gal sizes. Can be used inside or out for ants, spiders, Asian lady beetles and many more bugs.
Tempo SC Ultra, Pest Control Concentrate- 32 ml or 240 ml.  Mix with water in a garden sprayer and spray your house, foundation, barn walls for ants, spiders, flies, Asian lady beetles, boxelder bugs to name a just few.
Sevin Concentrate Bug Killer 32 oz or 16 oz sizes.
Fly Stik, Fly ribbon lures, Fly traps
And More......

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